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Learn French from your home or office as part of your further


All Linguistica’s courses can be taken under the French Further Training system and DIF (individual training entitlement). Linguistica’s further training courses are designed specially for each learner and adapted to his/her language level, specific needs and objectives. We offer three different types of further training telephone courses:
Linguistica is registered with the Aquitaine Region Prefect (France) as a further training organisation under the number 72 64 02715 64.
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30-minute or 45-minute  telephone lessons.  The course is focused on  spoken French. It is  perfect if you want to  acquire a good knowledge  of the French language. 

Telephone + e-mail

25-minute telephone lessons + 35-minute e-mail sessions. A very effective way to  learn spoken and written  French with telephone  lessons followed by e-mail  sessions. 


30-minute or 45-minute  conversation sessions to  improve your spoken  French and your  knowledge of French  culture and the French  way of life. 
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by phone
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Further training